Friday, 10 March 2017

Outfit of the day OOTD Homewrecker edition

Good day friends! We're enjoying sub-zero temperatures here in Northwestern Ontario.  Which leads to my outfit picture.  A tuque, warm Norwegian wool sweater and cordouroys. The sweater and cords were thrifted from a Salvation Army.  I love finding Norwegian sweaters!  They are thick, warm, colorful and comfortable.  They are the perfect thing for bone-biting, winter weather.

Nothing says "class" like a bathroom selfie!

I accessorized this outfit with safety glasses, work gloves and thick shoes because of this project.

A few months ago, I cashed in some savings.  The savings were accumulated over 27 years of penny-pinching and budgeting.  I used the proceeds to purchase an investment property in our rather dilapidated, downtown core.

 On January 31st I took possession of this lovely old building.  

Cumberland Manor House, established 1940??

The Cumberland Manor House is a 19 room boarding house. It is a solid, two-storey brick building.  Located in what used to be a bustling industrial area.  My neighbours include fast food restaurants, a meth clinic and a liqour store. The good news is that the neighbours also include an art gallery, dance studio and a learning academy.  After 20 years of a rather downtrodden existence, there is rejuvenation in the downtown area.  Vacant banking buildings and old-style tailor shops are turning into bustling restaurants, pubs and boutiques. There is a long way to go before all vacant buildings are filled with new enterprises, but we're getting there.  The Manor House is located a few blocks away from this growing entertainment district. I know that once rehabilitated, this boarding house will fit nicely with the newer, upscale clientele.  

On February 28th, I helped the last tenant move out of this building.  Some of the tenants didn't leave their rooms in a tidy state.

I have been busy clearing out rooms, and demolishing old nasty drywall.  The previous tenants were allowed to smoke in the building.  The new tenants will not.

Here is my 'to do' list, written in marker in one of the rooms.

Let me tell you, my arms and shoulders are getting an excellent workout from demolition and debris removal!!

And so friends, if I neglect this blog for a few weeks, please forgive me.  I still visit your blogs regularly.  They're a welcome distraction from drywall dust and debris removal.  

Happy thrifting ;)